Seasonal Bunches

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Seasonal Bunches

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Our Seasonal Bunches comprises of 10 stems and are simply wrapped to make a beautiful “Hello” or “Thinking of You”.
The premium—in season—tulips range in colour from bright orange through to red, yellow, purple or pink.

* Tulips available March - October only

* Summer Roses October - April

* Dahlias January - May

* Hot House Roses all year round

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The Seasonal Bunch…. Well it’s Just That, a bunch or bunches of what we consider to be the favourite of the season on the day….Properly trimmed and processed flowers with clean stems, with a wet pack to keep them hydrated, simply and elegantly wrapped and delivered for you , ( add delivery fee ), no big frills, no OTT largess , just beautiful fresh flowers that send a thought and brighten a day